5 Ways To Get More Self-Care

As moms, and especially as ambitious moms striving for something bigger, we are forever searching for ways to incorporate more of the elusive self-care into our lives. We always talk about the importance of it or encourage other moms to do more of it but are quick to follow that up with how close to impossible it is in our own lives.

It CAN be hard to find ways to incorporate self-care into our lives. We ARE busy moms, stretched thin but if we see it as a possibility for OTHER moms to be doing then why would we expect less for our own lives? What makes us different than the other busy mom who we just encouraged to take a moment?

Self-care looks different for different women and what fills my cup isn’t necessarily going to fill yours in the same way. We also have different schedules, different family dynamics, and different support systems so there won’t ever be a one size fits all model of self-care. There are, however, some common pieces of the puzzle that we can ALL utilize!

Here are FIVE simple ways to start fitting more self-care into your schedule


  1. Don't stress about the size of your self-care

Self-care does not have to look like a formal or grand event. It doesn’t have to cost hundreds of dollars; it doesn’t have to cost anything! When you see women who have managed to spend a day at the spa then give them a silent fist pump but remember that that’s not what all self-care has to look like. Small moments of self-care are going to be the building blocks you can use to set yourself up for success!

  1. Think positive thoughts

 Yes, self-care can be that simple. Focusing on changing your mindset and the thoughts in your head is a powerful tool for taking better care of yourself. By changing your thought pattern little by little, you’re starting to regularly fill your OWN cup. As with most things, the more that you TRY to keep your thoughts positive, the easier it will become for your thoughts to naturally stay positive.  

  1. Get up and stretch

We talked about how different each of our schedules may be but getting up and stretching can fit into any person’s busy day! Do you have two minutes between projects or chores? Stretch! If you’re feeling stressed then there’s a great chance that your muscles are tensed up as well. Stretching helps loosen those muscles up which may help prevent things like a tension headache from taking hold. Focus on keeping your mind in a positive and peaceful place and narrow in on those areas you’re starting to feel tension in.

  1. Make it a priority

Yes, I said the one you’ve all been waiting for. You know that you should make it a priority and you’ve said that you will but have you followed through yet? If you start practicing those first two that we’ve talked about, not stressing about the size of your self-care and thinking positive thoughts, then I’m confident that making it a priority WILL become more realistic and doable in your life.

  1. Do it first thing in the morning

Don’t let the rest of the day get in the way. For some women this means they wake up fifteen minutes earlier than everybody in the house. For some it means waiting fifteen minutes before starting on household chores .Whatever your morning looks like, test out taking ten to fifteen minutes to care for yourself. So many times that’s really all it takes to help define your day in a positive way and to get you going in the right direction.

Listen, we may never master self-care because as we change, as our children grow and our ambitions grow with them, self-care needs to be a pliable piece of your life that you can mold to fit where you are now. If you start incorporating those five ways into your routine, you’ll be able to hold on to them and use them as your life shifts and turns.

Have I told you lately that you’re worth it?


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