Fighting Back Against Fear


Failure. Failing. Failed. Fail.

Too many people are so damn afraid to fail so they just don’t try, they just don’t take the chance, and they just don’t make the first move. They just don’t.

We’ve created a society that feeds that fear. We laugh at the expense of those who didn’t succeed in the ways we expected them to. We see it all of the time when the media highlights the Epic Fails of everyone we hold in the spotlight and we offer them little to no grace in those instances.

With 2019 coming to a close, it’s easy to look at the year and think of the things we didn’t accomplish or the things that we “need to do better” next year and a lot of times you can find that there was some sort of fear attached to your negative highlight reel. You didn’t lose the ten pounds you wanted to because you were scared to try out a new exercise class in case you weren’t as fit as the others. You didn’t get a raise...

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