Fighting Back Against Fear


Failure. Failing. Failed. Fail.

Too many people are so damn afraid to fail so they just don’t try, they just don’t take the chance, and they just don’t make the first move. They just don’t.

We’ve created a society that feeds that fear. We laugh at the expense of those who didn’t succeed in the ways we expected them to. We see it all of the time when the media highlights the Epic Fails of everyone we hold in the spotlight and we offer them little to no grace in those instances.

With 2019 coming to a close, it’s easy to look at the year and think of the things we didn’t accomplish or the things that we “need to do better” next year and a lot of times you can find that there was some sort of fear attached to your negative highlight reel. You didn’t lose the ten pounds you wanted to because you were scared to try out a new exercise class in case you weren’t as fit as the others. You didn’t get a raise...

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Taking Mommy Breaks

It’s a quiet pantry with the door shut, stuffing marshmallows into your mouth and chugging down a juice box you found on the top shelf. It’s a locked bathroom door when you don’t even need to use it but you can turn the fans on and drown out everything. It’s the bedroom door shutting behind you after you lay your little one down for a nap and you lean against it, taking deep breaths with your eyes shut.

Who can relate?

As moms we will take a break whenever we can get one... and wherever too. We aren’t picky anymore. We’ll take them as they come and how they come because we don’t always know when the next one will happen.

I know I’m not the only one who sneaks into the bathroom for extended periods of time.

I’m looking at you, mama, who was just there for 15 minutes yesterday. No shame, sister. We’ve all been there!

We need a break.

A break from our partners.

A break from our children.

A break from our lives.


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Why it Pays To Be Brave

This is the story about a girl named Lucky

Not really, but it is about a girl named Sheena who has done some pretty brave things in her life. Some of which have transformed my life in a crazy way, some of which have transformed me as a person, and all of which lead me to exactly where I am today. 

So, why talk about being brave?

I recently attended the Pays To Be Brave conference hosted by Angie Lee. This was a weekend-long, women empowerment conference which brought 1,500 women together. For me, this conference was one of a few that I have recently been to since starting the journey of entrepreneurship. I have found women-centered, entrepreneur conferences are jam-packed with information that speaks directly to each of the audience members, brings to light insecurities we all feel and help workshop through the toughest parts of being ambitious, and a woman.

What this particular conference does a little differently than others I have been to is bring realness....

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Welcome to Working Moms Co

Hi There!

You have no idea how excited I am to be sharing what has been quite the journey - with all of you! 

So, you may be wondering why this, now? Aren't there a lot of groups and sites, resources already out there to support working moms? 

I'll answer the last question first, because why not?! Yes, there are a number of resources, blogs, facebook pages and amazing groups out there that support Working Moms both in person and online. And they are all doing something amazing. Each of which have been tremendously valuable to me in some way.

Sooo, why start this?

Well...There are a couple of reasons.

First, I didn't feel completely connected to the message of many of these groups. And, when I asked my friends who are also moms, they didn't exactly either. While we each got something out of it- nothing we have found was the whole package for us. We weren't talking about challenges with balancing work/#momlife. We weren't growing together and truly supporting one...

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