Why it Pays To Be Brave

This is the story about a girl named Lucky

Not really, but it is about a girl named Sheena who has done some pretty brave things in her life. Some of which have transformed my life in a crazy way, some of which have transformed me as a person, and all of which lead me to exactly where I am today. 

So, why talk about being brave?

I recently attended the Pays To Be Brave conference hosted by Angie Lee. This was a weekend-long, women empowerment conference which brought 1,500 women together. For me, this conference was one of a few that I have recently been to since starting the journey of entrepreneurship. I have found women-centered, entrepreneur conferences are jam-packed with information that speaks directly to each of the audience members, brings to light insecurities we all feel and help workshop through the toughest parts of being ambitious, and a woman.

What this particular conference does a little differently than others I have been to is bring realness....

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