Goodbye, Mom Guilt!

Uncategorized Jan 06, 2020

Mom guilt is a mother f*cker.

There, I said it. ⁣

While I have felt that, thought that and believe it still, I don’t say it enough. What I’m starting to see is a whole lot of women shouting that we need to stop FEELING mom guilt but not talking about the normalcy of it or how to go about getting rid of it. ⁣

Mom guilt can be the difference between the success and failure of your business.⁣

Mom guilt can stop you from achieving your dreams.⁣

Mom guilt can cause resentment towards your partner, other moms, friends, family, etc.⁣

But here’s the thing about mom guilt…it’s almost always self-imposed! Even more? It doesn’t protect anyone and it actually creates more stress and less productivity. That’s the complete opposite of what any of us want in our lives, right?

So, why do we as moms feel so guilty about being ambitious? Is it because we are made to believe that we don’t matter as much as our families? Is it because we are not allowed to be ambitious because we have children? Is it because we are living by outdated and disconnected values of generations past?⁣

I’m here to tell you a couple of things that I help my clients work through. You deserve to achieve your dreams, no one else is going to do it for you. Your child(ren) deserve to see a mom who is happy, not one that settles. Isn’t that exactly what we want them to mirror in their own lives? Your child(ren) will admire you for your efforts, your care and your concern for their well-being in showing them that their mother matters too.

If we want them to want more, be more and do more then don’t we need to show them that example? If we hold ourselves back from what we want, make ourselves smaller for the sake of children who didn’t ASK us to do so then we are ultimately doing ourselves and our children a disservice. If I want my kiddo to believe that anything is achievable then I need to carve that path.

If you’re worried you’re already screwing up your kids then I promise you won’t be causing any excess damage by showing them that mommy can achieve her dreams while still being present for them.⁣

Let’s teach our children that ambition isn’t something they should be afraid of, but instead - they too can achieve their wildest dreams, just like their mom did. Be the example. Lead the way.

You’ll both be better for it


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