My approach is entirely focused on the true transformation.

I want you to be able to look back and pinpoint the exact moment your life completely changed, for the better.

I am dedicated to helping ambitious moms make MORE money while never sacrificing time with their family.

I am committed to helping other ambitious moms not only make more money but create a space where they can authentically show up as themselves, without fear of judgement or failure. 

Are you ready to transform your life?

Do you have big goals? Let's talk!


I am here to help you find your confidence, lead with your values and missions, and ultimately make more money. 

Investing in coaching is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself and your business. There is something so powerful in the transformational power of having someone guide you through the ins and outs of growing a business.

Depending on where you are in your business, there are various coaching opportunties for you. My most popular programs are the Content Cash Machine and Ambitious Mom 3-Month Transformational Coaching Program

You are not alone in this!

We are all trying to achieve our personal greatness and the Working Moms Co community is here to support you throughout your journey.

Join the Ambitious Mom Society Facebook group today and follow us on Instagram for all of the latest updates, tips and tricks on how to achieve it all.

This group is a highly interactive, free group that will help you uncover your greatest asset of all.... you!

Are you looking to level up your personal or professional skills? Want to expand your knowledge base and grow?

I want to provide you with the guidance and support to achieve your greatness, in less time than it takes to chase a toddler around the house at bed time. 

The Mom Balance Accelerator for all of the tools, resources and opportunties to learn grow and achieve more. In this high touch, engaging mastermind you will surrounded by supportive, encouraging and savvy ambitious moms, just like yourself. 

If you are looking to level up your content strategy in 20 minutes or less a day, check out Content Cash Machine, the 6-week transformational mastermind. 


Download this free training on three simple strategies that’ll give you the clarity and confidence to build your dreams, on your terms.

Power Moves

No Judgment Zone

Joy Now, Fear Never.

Goodbye, Mom Guilt!

Are you ready to achieve more?

"The program has come into my life at the most opportune time, and truly has helped save me from myself. As a working single mother I face struggles every single day, some small and some impossibly large. I was tired of always being run down, on my last nerve and feeling like I'm running on empty - when I woke up in the morning facing another full day. The coaching this program has already provided is invaluable, it's the no bullsh*t you can do it attitude that keeps you motivated to keep reaching for bigger goals. Every working mom deserves a sisterhood that completely understands what it feels like to be "that mom" and this program provides just that... and more! "

Cindy, Working Mom of One

"Sheena is amazing! I would definitely work with her again"

Gabi, Working Mom of Two

"Sheena's coaching program for ambitious business moms was a game changer for me and my business!! I am a wife, mother and the owner of The Cottonwood Barn Boutique. When I first started my business I was busy with family, my husband, our kids, the kids' school and so much more. But I had a fire growing in my heart to move forward with starting my business. I approached Sheena and she right away saw I was all over the place and way overwhelmed with work and family. She dove straight in and focused on helping me map out and balance my day to strive with my business and family. As a new business owner I had doubts; am I going to succeed, I had the fear that people wouldn't like the clothing I was selling, I was afraid people wouldn't come to my website, there was a fear of people judging me, there was the fear of being present on social media and looking like a fool doing live videos and stories. But I also knew I needed that balance to be present in my family life. Sheena helped me to overcome my doubts and fears with the business and balance out between family and business. I was able to take the right steps to build my confidence in running and taking my business to then next level! If you are on the fence about taking this coaching ...don't. You will not be disappointed and you will learn a whole lot! Sheena is one of a kind!!"

Owner, The Cottonwood Barn Boutique

Are you ready to change your life with ease and fun?

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