5 Ways To Get More Self-Care

As moms, and especially as ambitious moms striving for something bigger, we are forever searching for ways to incorporate more of the elusive self-care into our lives. We always talk about the importance of it or encourage other moms to do more of it but are quick to follow that up with how close to impossible it is in our own lives.

It CAN be hard to find ways to incorporate self-care into our lives. We ARE busy moms, stretched thin but if we see it as a possibility for OTHER moms to be doing then why would we expect less for our own lives? What makes us different than the other busy mom who we just encouraged to take a moment?

Self-care looks different for different women and what fills my cup isn’t necessarily going to fill yours in the same way. We also have different schedules, different family dynamics, and different support systems so there won’t ever be a one size fits all model of self-care. There are, however, some common pieces of the puzzle that we can ALL...

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