Taking Mommy Breaks

It’s a quiet pantry with the door shut, stuffing marshmallows into your mouth and chugging down a juice box you found on the top shelf. It’s a locked bathroom door when you don’t even need to use it but you can turn the fans on and drown out everything. It’s the bedroom door shutting behind you after you lay your little one down for a nap and you lean against it, taking deep breaths with your eyes shut.

Who can relate?

As moms we will take a break whenever we can get one... and wherever too. We aren’t picky anymore. We’ll take them as they come and how they come because we don’t always know when the next one will happen.

I know I’m not the only one who sneaks into the bathroom for extended periods of time. ⁣⁣

I’m looking at you, mama, who was just there for 15 minutes yesterday. No shame, sister. We’ve all been there!⁣⁣

We need a break.⁣⁣

A break from our partners.⁣⁣

A break from our children.⁣⁣

A break from our lives.⁣⁣

And that’s okay.⁣

But maybe it’s time to find a better place or find a better way to “take a break”? ⁣⁣

Maybe it’s time to not need this break anymore. What? Is that even possible? How do we even go about reaching that place?⁣⁣

Are you sick of hiding in the bathroom every time you need a break? I don’t think any of us would say that we love that we feel we have to resort to that. ⁣⁣

Are you ready to create space for real breaks, in real life? Can you imagine what you would feel like if you accomplished that?

When I created the Ambitious Mom Society Facebook Group, these are the exact types of things I wanted to help moms figure out. By offering trainings like The Balance Equation and Achieve More, Today I am able to do just that. Women are seeing real change in their real lives and we want you to join us!

Leave that bathroom and join the Ambitious Mom Society Mastermind or head over to the Ambitious Mom Society Facebook Group and join us! We'll be waiting for you with a whole lot of support and understanding.


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